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Our new collection is not only a statement of trendy designs and color palettes. Fans of OJeanne know and love the brand for the exquisite way we combine and conceptualize challenging patterns to create one-of-a-kind pieces. While that fact holds and can be seen in our new collection, the focus has shifted for us. OJeanne, as we have shared in our origin story, started as a modern response to high-quality authentic African men's fashion. And we have diversified to include women, children, and accessories. However, this collection is an ode to our West African roots and the inspiration of our African heritage. We are pleased to introduce you all to our newest collection called SANKOFA, an Akan word which translates as Back to My Roots.

The new collection employs neutral and warm tones with remarkable designs. Our collection is for the modern and classy person going from the office to a social event. Another aspect of our roots we kept is creating the looks for all body types and shapes. We are committed to the extensive range where we give everyone with a fine taste the chance to feel comfortable and effortlessly stylish. And we cannot forget that you, our clients love to accessorize and make bold statements with the right matching accessories.

The standard set by OJeanne is to achieve superior designs while staying intrinsic. This has inspired us to incorporate cotton-based wax print and batik templates authentically made in Ghana. Thus, empowering local women-led businesses and fashion stakeholders. Africa has a history with organic cotton dating back to the 2nd Century. The Creative Director of the OJeanne brand, Jeanne Akua Afriyie Williams, has many memories of wearing and experimenting with cotton fabric growing up in different parts of Africa. It is only right that going back to her roots, she will return to the first fabric and design template she fell in love with as a young lady.

Firstly, Cotton has a high moisture control and does not expose perspiration. That also goes for retaining body odor and dirt. The low odor retention means you are less likely to wash it after every wear. Notwithstanding, if you ever need to wash any clothes from our collection, dry cleaning and hand washing are the best options.

Again, Cotton is comfortable, cool, and durable for a high-temperature weather. In addition, it does not leave any hypoallergenic reactions. It is also renewable and biodegradable. Cotton is also very versatile as the fiber can be transformed into different fabrics, as we see with rayon and linen used in this collection. Lastly, cotton is easy to maintain and does not change shape over time.

When we emphasize the need to take the business home and empower the local industry, fashion's challenges to the environment are not lost on us. This collaboration is our way of ensuring that the right practices are being enforced. The batik producers use good quality dyes and our tailors and accessory partners are also consistent with our mission and goals.

The Back to My Roots Collection will leave you dreaming of the hazy Savanna, breezy sunshine of the coast, and cool slight showers of the forest belt of Ghana and Africa. Please have fun shopping our Sankofa collection.


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