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The OJeanne Story


In 2004, Jeanne Akua Afriyie Williams started the Afrocentric Chic brand, OJeanne in Ghana. The initial vision was to move African style and design from over-the-top pieces to casual menswear and womenswear for all occasions. Today, OJeanne is a sustainable fashion brand with the purpose of styling women, men, and children of all shapes, sizes, ethnics, and backgrounds. We keep improving with the variety in colors, patterns, and textures that are comfortable. We are committed to seeing everyone feel comfortable in our one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories, which are affordable.

By staying true to our African roots and heritage, we celebrate the diversity of our culture by creating Contemporary African hand-made clothes and accessories that have global appeal. Each design is authentic with a high emphasis on quality.  

The OJeanne brand is conscious of waste in contemporary fashion. Our current direction is to source fabric and labor sustainably from Ghana through a team trained in sewing and styling by the Creative director. We also collaborate with batik houses and fabric designers who are honest about their ethical values. Since we are committed to driving economic change, our team is mainly women, and we ensure that everyone in the value chain is compensated fairly.

As a woman-led organization, we understand the inequalities in the fashion industry and the world of employment in general. Our social responsibility has remained targeted towards underprivileged women. These women have been receiving training and informal education into various creative sectors under the WOMEN EVERYWHERE Projects, founded as a CSR scheme of OJeanne in 2012.

Jeanne Akua Afriyie Williams, the creative director, has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in fashion business administration, fashion campaign conceptualization, marketing, production, and fashion start-up grooming. She brings this expertise to the oJeanne brand.

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