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OJeanne Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Celebrating a year of excellence, OJeanne, a proud African international brand renowned for its captivating Afrocentric style, impeccable craftsmanship, and timeless elegance invites you into a world of sartorial excellence on December 9, 2023 to mark the first anniversary of its fashion emporium nestled in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia.

First and foremost, Jeanne Akua Afriyie Williams, the Creative Director and Founder of OJeanne, known as OJ, wishes to express her utmost gratitude for the incredible journey that the brand has embarked upon since its humble beginnings in Tema, Ghana, 19 years ago.

Indeed, it is due to your exquisite taste in a vibrant fusion of authentic traditional Ghanaian craftsmanship and contemporary design that led to our expansion to the United States, and a further exciting venture of opening a new shop in 2022 to deliver an exceptional customer experience. So the whole team would like to thank you for choosing us as your cultural ambassadors - to adorn you with artistic innovation through collections that pay homage to the rich heritage of Ghana.

Because of you, OJeanne continues to evolve.

In other exciting news, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the OJeanne website []. Dive into an online fashion library and discover our latest collections, exclusive releases and offers, latest trends, blog posts, collaborations and more.

Meanwhile, in August 2023, OJEANNE started a series of exclusive fashion Masterclasses. The comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics, from understanding the principles of design to exploring the unique patterns, embellishments, and finishes that distinguish our garments. The limited slots for the Masterclasses are announced on our Instagram page so please follow us to be the first to know when the new dates are communicated.

But wait, there's even more thrilling news! For the first time ever, OJeanne is releasing a ready-to-wear capsule collection. Celebrate elegance and cultural fusion with our exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind kimonos adorned in vibrant African prints. As we mark the anniversary of our shop's opening, each kimono tells a unique story, blending the timeless grace of Japanese design with the rich weaving of African heritage. Join us in unveiling this exquisite fusion, a testament to our commitment to offering distinctive and globally inspired fashion.

The kimono pieces will be available alongside our Fall\Winter collection which is heavily characterized by our latest Abronoma design, which loosely translates as “Dove” in Twi. Every piece from the Abronoma collection has been thoughtfully curated to embody sophistication, warmth, and a hint of audacity with Kente and royal satin as a running theme.

With all these electrifying things happening, we invite you, our dedicated fashionistas to visit our shop on December 9, 2023 to celebrate our anniversary with us as you immerse yourselves in the wonders of our Fall/Winter Collection, our capsule kimono collection, and seize the opportunity to enroll in our esteemed fashion Masterclass. You can always visit our website today for all your style needs.

Together, we will celebrate individuality, inspire creativity, and redefine elegance!


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